Holidays Bonus - 1 FREE CIGAR!!! For any Bounty Box!
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      Bounty of The Month

      This month we decided to deliver 5 cigars of the same “Puro” - GANGSTER, as requested by many, “Hi Steve”. Gangster has Dominican & Nicaraguan filler and Indonesian wrapper and it is a Gordo 6x60! 

      Each Prime Bounty of The Month will have a surprise additional cigar and 2 GEISHA coffee samples to try.

      Geisha is considered as the “Champagne” of the coffees, and it has a unique taste mild tropical floral notes with a chocolate kick as it cools done! An amazing coffee, each sample value $7!

      This month coffee is our 12oz “Honey” single origin straight from the farm blend. The “Honey” process is a way to maintain some more of the sweetness of the coffee cherry into the coffee bean by pilling the “skin” of the coffee cherry and let it dry for few days, and only after it is being pilled. This process makes the coffee more sweet, more fruity and with an amazing aroma.

      Prime Bounty Coffee Prime Bounty Coffee
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