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      Bounty Coffe & Cigars 

      What are we trying to create? We want to share our passion, our art, our experiments of good coffee & good cigars to our fellow coffee & cigar lovers around the globe.

      Our Coffee

      We have created a unique experience - a real crafted single-origin coffee bean (we literally take it to the extreme) out of our farm, processed by a local master roaster who was born into a long line of coffee roasters dating back to the early 20th century.

      Our coffee is handpicked from the region of Tarrazu, the namesake of the coffee crafted in this region. This area is considered to produce the highest coffee quality in all of Costa Rica, and its coffee beans have won many prizes around the globe. We grow Arabica beans which are considered the highest quality of all coffee bean varieties. 

      Our coffee is distinguished in taste and is known to be considerably round and heavy bodied, with a complex aroma containing hints of brown sugar, honey, chocolate, citrus tropical fruits and more – you could say the taste depends on which side of the bed our master roaster woke up on. Its acidity is considered to be lively and bright.

      Our harvest season is from December through February. Once the harvest is done, we start the process of cleaning the beans, drying them out and storing the green beans, which are then ready to be roasted.

      Our Cigars

      Costa Rican tobacco, has a distinguished taste and aroma attributed to the rich volcanic soil. Dated centuries back before the first Spanish colonists arrived in Central America, Costa Rican native tribes grew and cultivated tobacco. The crops were then extended and managed by the Spanish. Later in 1787, Guatemala’s General Captaincy gave Costa Rica exclusive monopoly for tobacco production and sent workers and seeds from La Habana and New Spain. This brought a great wealth of knowledge of tobacco production which allowed the Costa Rican tobacco industry to develop for years to come.

      These days, we have crafted a line of cigars in collaboration with local cigar manufacturers which  contain 100% Costa Rican tobacco from small farms in central and southern Costa Rica.

      In recent years, Cost Rican tobacco and cigars have started to gain  well-deserved recognition as fine, great draw and great burn cigars, as well as something unique and different from already well-known Nicaraguan, Dominican and Cuban tobacco.

      Of course, in our blending sessions, we have created cigars with only Nicaraguan origin, as well as mix of Nicaraguan, Costa Rican and Dominican filler, binder from Costa Rica, and wrappers from Ecuador. In other words, we strive to provide a whole new flavor experience when you smoke our cigars. You will find our cigars to be flawless, with a great draw which makes even our stronger ones easy to smoke.