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      September 2020 - Bounty of The Month

      •   A detailed description of our Prime Bounty Box Cigars - left to right.



      This month we are proud to introduce our latest medium-roast coffee blend developed by our coffee roast master. As you know, our coffee is single origin Arabica from Tarrazu area, which is arguably the zone with the best Costa Rican coffee.

      The aroma of this coffee is amazing and will make you want to sniff it again and again. The taste is mild, full of molasses and sugar cane hints, and its sweet aroma blends into the taste. Best served with cream or milk and can be paired with a Pura Vitamina cigar or C’est La Vie; both pair well with this tender aromatic coffee and will expose its complexity in your palate after every sip.  



      The Outlaw is a medium-strong cigar. Big and massive, 6X60, great for patient smokers who like a long smoking session allowing themselves to dive into the full complexity of this cigar. We will keep to ourselves the tastes, but the origin of the tobacco is 100% Costa Rican and you would experience the richness and complexity of this premium cigar at once. We do recommend that our dark-roast or medium-roast coffee is paired with the Outlaw.

       Alfa Dog

       A taste of our fine 100% Costa Rican tobacco. Alfa Dog is a fine spicy medium-strong stick, 5X58. It will make you understand why many Costa Rican cigars are considered to be primum cigars. Rich flavors of coffee, nuts and tropical flowers make this unique cigar experience so different; the volcanic Costa Rican soil has a great deal of influence in this high-end aromatic cigar. In this case there is no reason to hide full born, grown and raised Costa Rican tobacco - Pura Vida!


      The Smoothie, as its name indicates, is a soft, smooth Corona cigar, 6X44, with a great draw. Is there any better way to start your day than with a medium-light roasted coffee and a Smoothie cigar? The filler is Nicaraguan and the wrapper is Connecticut Ecuador. As such, it is incredibly soft and easy to smoke. We usually recommend the Smoothie for new cigar smokers or people who like to smoke a cigar that’s sweet and easy but full of character.


      The Skal is a fine full-bodied Robusto, 5X50, cigar. It is a medium-strong cigar with a mixed Nicaraguan and Costa Rican filler. The binder is Indonesian and the wrapper is Ecuador. It is a fine-tuned balanced cigar and it burns well with a well-defined woody aroma. The Skal is always enjoyed alone in the late afternoon, but for sure it’s even better with friends. 


      Hooya is most used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm in the US Navy; we respect that! Hooya is what you will say while smoking this premium cigar. It is a 6X54 torpedo full of aroma and spices. It is a medium-strong stick that you must smoke. The wrapper is Ecuador, the rest is a military secret! Hooya!