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      Bounty box coffee and cigars January 2021


      Coffee of The Month – Natural

      This month coffee is our medium roast “Natural” process. Meaning we let the beans, after they are picked up from the coffee bush, to dry in the sun for 5, 6 weeks! This natural process is one of our ways to preserve the unique taste of our coffee and aroma. After that we keep the beans in a cool, dry location and when they get the right humidity 10% to 12%, we pill the thin dry layer over the, by now, white coffee beans and we roast them with our secret roasting process. The smell and taste of this coffee is amazing, sweet and a little bit acid with tropical floral notes, that can be paired perfectly with any of our cigars.  




      The Outlaw is a Gordo 6X60 cigar. Like its brother the Never Surrender it is 100% Costa Rican tobacco and has a similar color. As it is a different Vitola the tastes and aroma create a different balance as the spice kicks in. A citrusy hint with a great draw to it will give you almost two hours of joy from this premium cigar.  

      Never Surrender

      Never Surrender is a long Robusto Vitola of our Costa Rican tobacco. It is 5.5X50 and is a medium-strong cigar. It is oily with a great smell to it even before you light this stick. Like its brother sticks it is firm with a great draw. It should last for an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. It has a very distinguished taste, a little bit spicy along the way, with citrus hints and dark coffee hints. We consider it one of our best cigars and we are enormously proud of it.

      Pura Vitamina

      This Robusto cigar is made for pure joy. Perfect to start your day and be on the right foot. The Pura Vitamina is ideal for morning smokers. It is an exceptionally smooth milky chocolate with hints of whipped cream and is blessed with soft easy draw. A Connecticut Ecuador wrapper is giving it its color and we say no more!


      Currahee is the scream of the 506th Infantry Regiment airborne division heroes who landed in Normandy in second world war. We dedicated, to these heroes, this fine torpedo 6X54 cigar out of respect to these men. The Curahee filler is a blend of two different tobacco origins; one is our distinguished Costa Rican tobacco and the other is Nicaraguan. Its light color is attributed to the Connecticut Ecuador leaf. It is a smooth easy to smoke cigar with notes of nuts, dark chocolate a hint of red pepper and lots of joy.


      Hooya is most used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm in the US Navy; we respect that! Hooya is what you will say while smoking this premium cigar. It is a 6X54 torpedo full of aroma and spices. It is a medium-strong stick that you must smoke. The wrapper is Ecuador, the rest is a military secret! Hooya!