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      •   A detailed description of our Prime Bounty Coffee & Cigars - left to right.



      A freshly roasted dark coffee coming to you from our farm to your cup. This month coffee roasted by our master roaster and is a single origin Arabica premium beans. This coffee is so rich with its aroma that you will have to think twice if you want to drink it or just smell it. The aroma of this coffee has strong molasses scent with brown sugar cane mixed with tropical flowers and a little kick of sour cream into it. Real complex treat for the fine coffee enthusiasts who likes their coffee with a distinguished aroma and taste.    


      The Skal is a fine full-bodied Robusto, 5X50, cigar. It is a medium-strong cigar with a mixed Nicaraguan and Costa Rican filler. The binder is Indonesian and the wrapper is Ecuador. It is a fine-tuned balanced cigar and it burns well with a well-defined woody aroma. The Skal is always enjoyed alone in the late afternoon, but for sure it’s even better with friends.

      Pura Vitamina

      This Robusto cigar is made for pure joy. Perfect to start your day and be on the right foot. The Pura Vitamina is ideal for morning smokers. It is a very smooth milky chocolate with hints of whipped cream and  is blessed with soft easy draw. A Connecticut Ecuador wrapper is giving it its color and we say no more!


      The Gangster is a full-bodied Gordo 6X60, cigar. It is a blend of top-notch tobacco from 3 different parts of the world. The wrapper in Ecuador but the rest you will have to guess by yourself. It is a premium cigar to smoke, when you have some time to relax and enjoy This medium strong stick. The burn and smoke are amazing and as all of our cigars the draw and complexity of tastes are unequal.


      Currahee is the scream of the 506th Infantry Regiment airborne division heroes who landed in Normandy in second world war. We dedicated, to these heroes, this fine torpedo 6X54 cigar out of respect to these men. The Curahee filler is a blend of two different tobacco origins; one is our distinguished Costa Rican tobacco and the other is Nicaraguan. Its light color is attributed to the Connecticut Ecuador leaf. It is a smooth easy to smoke cigar with notes of nuts, dark chocolate a hint of red pepper and lots of joy.

      Alfa Dog

      Another taste of our fine 100% Costa Rican tobacco. Alfa Dog is a fine spicy medium strong stick. It will make you understand why many Costa Rican cigars are considered to be primum cigars. rich flavors of coffee, nuts and tropical flowers makes this unique cigar experience so unique and different; the volcanic Costa Rican soil has a great deal in this high end aromatic cigar. In this case there is nothing to hide full born, grown and raised Costa Rican tobacco - Pura Vida!